Sunday, April 2, 2017

One a Pulp Man reviewed

George Kelly's "Forgotten Books" blog boasts several reviews -- books of every type. As he explains on his site:
I try to read a book a day. I also try to make $1000 in the stock market each trading day–but that doesn’t always work out. I don’t have a cell phone (they’re instruments of the Devil) and I despise “Call Waiting” (which is cutting in line). As of December 30, 2016 I’ve Retired from a 40-year teaching career as a College Professor. I am dedicated to finding a Good Home for the 30,000 books in my basement.

While working through his "to-be-read" stack, George found an opportunity to review Once a Pulp Man: The Secret History of Judson P. Philips as Hugh Pentecost by Audrey Parente.

Read the full review here.

Judson P. Philips's "Park Avenue Hunt Club" series appeared frequently in Detective Fiction Weekly. In 1939, Argosy magazine serialized Cancelled in Red by Hugh Pentecost, the pen name which gradually eclipsed the author. The novel introduced Inspector Luke Bradley, a tough New York City cop, and his trusted right-hand man, Detective Rube Snyder. Cancelled in Red was published in hardcover and paperback that same year. Bradley would star in three more hardcover originals and a handful of short stories in William Randolph Hearst's The American Magazine.

Learn more about the comprehensive author biography, then check out the Inspector Luke Bradley series, newly minted by Bold Venture Press.

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