Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Publishers Weekly gives "Twilight Patrol" #1 thumbs up

Bold Venture Press unveiled The Twilight Patrol #1: Drones of the Ravaging Wind by Stuart Hopen, and it immediately scored a positive review from Publishers Weekly.

"... this spry pastiche of the hero pulp magazines that dominated newsstands in the first half of the 20th century calls to mind an era when genres were malleable and writers readily manipulated their tropes to craft entertaining popular fiction hybrids."

So far so good, but the review gets better!

"Its series character, Hollister Congrieve, is a Spad-flying Air Force captain cut from the same cloth as pulp aviation aces G-8 and Dusty Ayres and dyed in the heroic hues that colored the exploits of Doc Savage, Secret Service Operator 5, and their ilk."

We won't spoil the full review, but everyone at the Bold Venture bullpen loved this closing line:

"Readers nostalgic for the flash and dazzle of pulp derring-do will find this adventure tale a fitting homage."

Find out more about The Twilight Patrol at the Bold Venture website.

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