Saturday, November 26, 2016

The creator of Zorro tells the truth!

Old game shows like To Tell the Truth have a classic charm, perhaps because they're antiquated by today's standard. Three guys stand in a police line-up and claim, "My name is Johnston McCulley." Were a program like this broadcast today, people would searches for McCulley's Facebook page or related artiles, then claim they "knew it was him all along."

McCulley's segment doesn't begin until the 17:00 mark, after the mandatory Geritol commercial. You may kick back and enjoy the episode in its entirety. It's only 25:24 of your life.

This is the closest I've found to a television or radio interview with Johnston McCulley. It's a good excuse to remind everyone that December marks the volume four release of Zorro: The Complete Pulp Adventures. The next volume features The Sign of Zorro, a 1941 novel never reprinted since its original publication in Argosy. No need to thank us ... that's what Bold Venture Press does ...

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